Bannon Calls On Trump Supporters To Vote For RINO Candidates

Never one to shy away from the spotlight, former President Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon, is making a plea to Trump supporters in the upcoming midterms. The message is simple vote Republican! Bannon urges Trump supporters to vote Republican in their local election. Even if the candidate from the Republican party is a RINO, (Republican in name only), that way the party can still have a chance to maintain control of the house.

Although Bannon has been cast from Trump’s inner circle he continues to fight in favor of the President. He created a political group called Citizens of the American Republic. A relatively small group of only 25 it has its sights set high. One of its 25 members is Michele Caputo who was another former Trump political strategist. All of the other members were once in the Trump inner circle at one point or another. What they aim to do serve as a guide to pro-Trump groups and candidates ahead of the elections.

Bannon Is Calling This Midterm The 1st Reelection

“This is President Trump’s first reelect,” Bannon said. “It isn’t 2020. It’s now.” He firmly believes if the Republicans suffer a grave defeat in the polls this year that may be it for Trump. Already we are seeing the liberal media begin to push the impeachment narrative. The reality is liberals will undoubtedly try and push the movement. That is why Bannon is calling on the vote for RINO candidates. Speaking with a famous business publication Bannon said,

“The hard thing we have to do is convince the Trump voters that: ‘Hey, there may be a RINO in your congressional district, you may not like the guy, he may not like Trump. It doesn’t matter. That fight is past us.”

Even if we don’t fully agree with Bannon on the idea that the fight is past us. We do agree on the fact that we can’t just hand over the keys to the liberal without putting up some sort of resistance. The best way to do that is to go with the right-leaning candidate. Otherwise, liberals will have an easy path towards promoting their agenda. Which will probably look to include at least a shot at an impeachment trial!

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