• February 25, 2020


The President Lashes Out At Google For Promoting Fake News

This morning the President went on Twitter to comment on the way fake news media is being spread these days. In his remarks, President Trump seems to think Google is mostly to blame. As they give a certain preference to liberal media sites in their searches. The exact words used by the President this morning […]

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Will Manafort Seek A Deal?

New reports coming after the Paul Manafort sentencing claim that his defense team met with the Mueller team. Apparently trying to reach some sort of deal to cut time off his sentence. Many believe the reason that the Mueller team targeted Manafort in the first place was to get him to flip. The problem for […]

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Bannon Calls On Trump Supporters To Vote For RINO Candidates

Never one to shy away from the spotlight, former President Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon, is making a plea to Trump supporters in the upcoming midterms. The message is simple vote Republican! Bannon urges Trump supporters to vote Republican in their local election. Even if the candidate from the Republican party is a RINO, (Republican […]

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Obama-Era Conspiracy To Topple Trump

New developments in the Mueller Russia probe indicate there may have been more than met the eye from the beginning! Issues involving former Trump friend David Pecker, and even the possibility of an Obama led conspiracy! David Pecker is the publisher for The Enquirer and also a friend of President Trump. He now has been […]

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Look Into All of the Corruption On The “Other Side”, Sessions

A series of statements between President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions grabbed headlines today. First, the president publicly criticized Sessions for not taking control of the Department of Justice since his arrival. To what Sessions promptly responded saying that he took control since the first day. Then going on to say that his department […]

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One Juror Saved Manafort From Most of the Counts

There is something about high profile trials that just seem to have an impact on American society. One of the main reasons that they are able to have such an impact is that outcome is in the hands of everyday citizens. The  members of the jury hold the final say. In the Paul Manafort case, […]

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Wall Street & Republicans Will Back Trump

Yesterday was the “darkest day” of the Trump Presidency, at least if you ask the liberals and their media. Today they are back to the usual printing stories about a possible impeachment scenario. On this same day were dark clouds loomed over the White House and Trump Tower, Wall Street hit it big! In fact, […]

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Democrats Say They Discovered A Potential Hack To Their Website

Democrat officials have reported an attempted hack on their website to the F.B.I. According to reports, the attackers created a dummy website that mimicked the D.N.C. official site. With a landing page that redirected site goers to a registration site. The committee indicated that the “sophisticated” attack was not successful! According to the D.N.C., a cybersecurity […]

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What To Take Away From The Cohen Plea

If you haven’t heard already Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal attorney, pleaded guilty to paying off two women that had allegedly been involved with President Trump during the campaign. In efforts to conceal their stories from the press. Cohen also implicated multiple publishing companies that were allegedly in on the buyout. This would indicate […]

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Microsoft Could Be Key To Proving Russian-Democrat Collusion

Computer software giant Microsoft announced that it had executed a court order last week to shut down six fraudulent sites. These sites were set to mimic a number of conservative group sites. They also tried to set up other sites to fool people who were trying to access the U.S. Senate site. Microsoft’s own Microsoft […]

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