“Communist Cadet” Discharged From Military Duty

A West Point graduate who came into fame for posing with a “Communism Will Win” text written inside his cap has been officially discharged from his military duties. Spenser Rapone, the former second lieutenant, is now leaving the army on a less-than-honorable discharge. The army started an investigation into Rapone’s social media activity after the cap photo went viral. They discovered that he had posted pictures with a “Che” Guevara t-shirt under his uniform as well as other insulting pictures. Just yesterday he appeared on social media giving “the finger” to the sign of the fort where he was stationed in, captioning the post “One Final Salute.” Obviously, these remarks did go unnoticed by many people who truly support the troops.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio said, “While in uniform, Spenser Rapone advocated for communism and political violence, and expressed support and sympathy for enemies of the United States. I’m glad to see that they have given him an ‘other-than-honorable’ discharge.”

People Like Rapone Are A Potential Threat To The Military and National Security

We could potentially undermine the matter and dismiss it as remarks from a young kid, but it is quite odd at that someone with such clear communist and, quite frankly, anti-American views was allowed to study at the most prestigious U.S. military academy. Especially being allowed to continue in the service after more than a year of constant insults to the military itself as an institution. Rapone was a case of an outspoken person looking for publicity. Since his release, he has enrolled in extremist far-left groups that now hold him as an icon. What is being done though to prevent other people from entering these institutions that could potentially be threats to national security? After all, they receive top of the line training and certain information that many organizations would love to have.

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