John McCain: His Legacy & Immediate Political Impact Of His Death

It is with a heavy heart that we write this piece. As you probably may know already long-time Republican senator John McCain passed away this Saturday. Following a battle with cancer. McCain was 81 at the time of his passing. In those 81 years though he managed to endure the toughest of hardships and overcome them. He was a captain in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam war. When he was captured and held as a POW. That part of his life would later cement his political career and follow him to Capitol Hill. Despite being denied the opportunity to become President on 2 occasions. Once by losing the Republican primary to George W. Bush ahead of the 2000 elections. Then by losing the Presidential election to Barack Obama in 2008. Oddly enough he had chosen both men to speak at his funeral.

The Impact Of The Death of McCain On The Current Political Landscape

It wasn’t a secret that President Trump and Senator McCain did not see eye to eye on many issues. In fact, their dispute was largely blamed for the rift in the Republican party. According to many news outlets, McCain instructed that the President not attend his funeral. Essentially maintaining that political rift even from beyond the grave. The liberal media has pounced on this issue and even tried to point to the fact that White House flags were no longer at half mast as signs of the dispute.

McCain was without a doubt one of the main staples of the Republican party over the last 30 years. He held conservative values to heart throughout his whole career and life. Despite the differences with the President and the personal animosity between them the death of a Republican icon can help bring the party together. McCain’s death is a sad reminder of the end we all must face, but a prime example that institutions live on. The duty that McCain fulfilled was making sure that America and conservative beliefs will live on past his lifetime. Coming this November we too may face that test. Are we going to make sure that conservative ideals live on in America?

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