New “Economic” Reforms In Venezuela: Should America Step In?

Venezuela is a completely failed state and anarchy and chaos rule the streets. Sadly it isn’t something we didn’t know. Ever since Nicolas Maduro took office after Hugo Chavez’s death things went from bad to worse. The oil price spiked worldwide and the local economy plummeted. Add to that the fact that the socialist regime became increasingly violent and nationalized virtually every industry and you can pretty much guess where they are today. Inflation reached record numbers making the Venezuelan Bolivar virtually worthless. People lost jobs at alarming rates and foreign investment obviously came to a halt.

This led to a massive exile of the Venezuelan people who were forced to flee their home country. Many of the wealthier class now reside in American cities like Miami. Middle and lower classes citizens are still in Venezuela or living in very poor living conditions in neighboring countries! Today president Maduro announced a presidential decree to artificially hike up the local currency’s value. In an effort to better minimum wages and the economy in general. At this point, it may be too little too late!

Matters Of National Security For America

The problem with failed states, especially ones within our same hemisphere is that they become safe havens for drug lords and terrorists. That will inevitably operate from this country, but with their eyes on the big prize which is America. A similar situation to the one currently plaguing Venezuela happened in Colombia in the 90’s. The days of Pablo Escobar as the king of coke have now become almost folk tales that the liberal media loves to glorify in movies and television.

The reality of the situation is completely different. These terrorist groups killed hundreds and hundreds of people in their reign of terror. Things ultimately died down with American intervention. The same could apply to Venezuela today. The problem is the socialist anti-America government. In the last 20 years, American companies have lost millions of dollars in the country. Some of them even had their facilities and operation taken over by the government.

Should the president consider military operations to protect American companies’ money in Venezuela? They’d be using tax money that could help the economy here in America in the long run, not to mention potentially save thousands of lives. Fill out the form below to find out how world issues could affect your everyday life!

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