Obama-Era Conspiracy To Topple Trump

New developments in the Mueller Russia probe indicate there may have been more than met the eye from the beginning! Issues involving former Trump friend David Pecker, and even the possibility of an Obama led conspiracy! David Pecker is the publisher for The Enquirer and also a friend of President Trump. He now has been granted immunity to speak about his dealings with the president. Allegedly Pecker kept documents in an old safe that have links to payments made by his company to catch and release stories for Trump.

Like we had previously said it’s not that this practice in itself is a crime. Liberals though won’t have the upper hand if the payments came during a certain time in the campaigns. This practice would be directly violating campaign norms. So basically prosecutors could go after The Enquirer for aiding in these “cover-ups.” This is virtually all old news and like we said yesterday the focus is off Russia and know leads towards women. Pecker is just the latest former Trump associate to turn on the president. That may not be the most important piece of information on this topic today! According to multiple reports a memo surfaced detailing a conspiracy. From former Obama-Era officials to try and sabotage the Trump Presidency!

Conspiracy All Planned Out In A Memo

Perhaps the most non-secret, secret society in the history of the United States is being brought to light. According to our multiple sources, there are a number of former Obama-era officials in charge of leaking information to the liberal media and planning all of these attacks on President Trump. It’s obviously not as simple as that. This group is said to have multiple headquarters with war rooms and the ability to essentially use public funding and resources to pursue their objectives. That is why we have the John Brennan’s of the world.

They just aren’t being so secret anymore, because of the fact the liberal media controls the narrative! The conspiracy is happening right before our eyes! We said yesterday the focus will shift from Russia to women. It’s very simple the Russia trial led to the Democrats! To this day there has been no Democrat leader implicated in the probe. They don’t need to hide because they own the media!

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