• February 25, 2020

Lawyers Want More Time For Border Separated Families

The border “crisis” rolls on now with less media standing by to take pictures. There are no more governors or media personalities trying to snap a picture hugging a crying child. Now we are seeing a more accurate and seen of law enforcement officials working together with immigration lawyers trying to figure out what’s best […]

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Could We Potentially See The End of Legal Abortion?

This whole week we’ve been covering the backlash of the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy. We kicked the coverage off with an article alluding liberals were trembling at the news. Not even a week removed from the initial statement they have already begun to do so publicly. Many liberal media outlets are already speculating whoever […]

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Federal Building Taken Over By Protesters Set To Reopen

A week after protestors had taken over a federal building in Oregon it is finally set to re-open. The federal building in question is the I.C.E. headquarters in the city of Portland. Protesters started gathering together and putting up signs and forming couch blockades. The rioters decided to make camp in front of the building […]

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The Fake News Media Exposed … Again!

The fake news media has been in full force this past week regarding the situation at the U.S.- Mexico border. They continue to report on a wide number of pictures portraying detention centers as genocide camps. This obviously sparked a huge public outcry. One of the most famous pictures seen around the world was on […]

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Liberals Push Trump To Sign Executive Order Then Complain!

Yesterday we wrote a report on what was really happening at the border. The public uproar pushed President Trump into signing an Executive Order. The situation was blown up by the liberal media agenda who, like always, have tried to paint President Trump as a monster. The new executive order forbids families to be separated […]

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What Is Really Happening To Children At The Border?

In the last couple of hours, there has been a wave of global outrage fueled by the liberal media. They have been in charge of publishing photographs in detention centers at the U.S.- Mexico border. While the photographs are obviously gut-wrenching, we have to understand they are meant to be. The liberal media has set […]

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