• February 25, 2020

Trump V.S. The Clinton’s Round 2

The former attorney to President Trump, Michael Cohen, continues his push against the President through the media. Earlier this week he released taped conversations between himself and the then-candidate Trump in which they were allegedly discussing buying off a story of what presumably was a Trump affair. Now Cohen wants to say the President was […]

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12 Russians Indicted In Rosenstein Investigation

Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein announced today that 12 new Russian agents are to be indicted as part of his findings in the investigation into the Russian intrusion in U.S. elections. This could not have come at a worse time as President Trump is set to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in a couple […]

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Obama Hanging Democrats Out To Dry “Stop Moping Around”

In a rare appearance since he left office in December of 2016 former President Barack Obama spoke at a Democrat fundraiser in Beverly Hills. In the meeting, he even took a stab at the night’s entertainment and proceeded to tell Democrats to stop moping declaring it was a mope free zone. If the former president […]

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Hillary Clinton Now Rooting For President Trump

Three words! That has been the only response Hillary Clinton has put out after the recent release of the IG report where many of the investigations into her well-documented email scandal were made public. Clinton responded to a tweet about James Comey’s involvement in the scandal in a cynical manner with the words “But my […]

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James Comey Tried To Be Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Today in the midst of the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz confirmed that his office is actively investigating former F.B.I. Director James Comey for many anomalies that took place during the Hillary Clinton email investigation as well as the investigation into President Trump’s campaign and Russian authorities. This Senate Judiciary […]

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FBI covers up Obama Administration's role in Hillary's emails

F.B.I. Double Agents Tried To Sabotage Trump Campaign

The Justice Department Inspector General has just released a report that contained numerous text conversations between alleged FBI agents. In these conversations, the agents discuss applying different tactics to infiltrate people as double agents into the campaign. Other parts of the conversations were spent simply insulting then-candidate Trump and his supporters. Two unnamed agents exchanged […]

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Bill Clinton Defends An Alleged Sex Offender … Seriously

Former President Bill Clinton found himself in the headlines again today after he gave rather unfortunate interview to PBS. In it, the former occupant of the oval office had a couple of very unfortunate words regarding former Senator Al Franken’s involvement in sexual misconduct. The former senator for Minnesota had to resign following multiple allegations […]

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