• February 25, 2020

Wall Street vs. Capitol Hill

At the end of election night in 2016, people finally decided they had enough of the political establishment electing a political outsider to the top job in with President Donald Trump. What followed was a presidency the Wall Street way. With rough negotiations and real issues finally being put on the table. That is why the […]

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What To Take Away From The Cohen Plea

If you haven’t heard already Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal attorney, pleaded guilty to paying off two women that had allegedly been involved with President Trump during the campaign. In efforts to conceal their stories from the press. Cohen also implicated multiple publishing companies that were allegedly in on the buyout. This would indicate […]

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Republicans Unsure Whether To Give Cohen Another Capitol Hill Visit

More news on the ongoing Russia investigation. Last week we reported on the tape released by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen. In it, the President was allegedly speaking about paying off a paper to catch and kill a story. On the supposed affair Trump had with a former model. Cohen is another former Trump employee […]

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Trump V.S. The Clinton’s Round 2

The former attorney to President Trump, Michael Cohen, continues his push against the President through the media. Earlier this week he released taped conversations between himself and the then-candidate Trump in which they were allegedly discussing buying off a story of what presumably was a Trump affair. Now Cohen wants to say the President was […]

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Cohen Leaks Trump Tapes Comes Off Looking Worse

Former attorney of President Trump, Michael Cohen, has leaked a tape of private conversations between him and the President. Presumably, the tape was recorded at the time when he represented the President. We want to assume that Cohen thought this could further implicate the President in pending legal issues. Although the liberal media has tried […]

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President Trump’s Legal Woes Not Quite Over

Last week it appeared President Trump had come out triumphant in all of the pending legal issues in which he was involved. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of his travel restrictions and the Russia witch hunt seemed to be nearing its end. The liberals and fake news media had one more trick up their […]

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