• February 25, 2020

Kim Fulfills His First Promise To the World

Today news came through from North Korea that leader Kim Jong Un had fulfilled his first promise to President Trump and essentially the world. The remains of fallen American soldiers in the Korean War are on their way back home as was agreed at the summit he held with President Trump. The President had this to […]

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North Korea Staying True To Their Word

Let’s give you a quick recap on the U.S.- North Korea relationship during the current administration. In the beginning, there were various remarks made by both leaders that hinted towards a rocky relationship. Virtually out of the blue the administration was able to put together a meeting between the President and the North Korean leader. […]

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Letter from Kim to Trump Fortifies Future Relations with North Korea

This week President Trump stated that he received a “very nice letter” from North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. President Trump tweeted from his personal account the letter in which he received much praise and respect from the North Korean leader, revealing what could be the next step for a second meeting between the two […]

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China Sabotaging North Korea Talks?

Since Friday we have seen an increase in hostilities between the U.S. and China. The issue may go beyond trade and money and has suddenly turned into which world power will be leading the charge in the coming years. With Secretary of State Mike Pompeo coming back from a round of difficult talks in North […]

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Checking Up on North Korea’s Rocket Man

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo kicked off today two days of meetings with top North Korean officials including North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Pompeo is said to be meeting to check up on Kim after the meeting he had with the president in June. The U.S. is expecting to see some sort of inventory […]

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Anti-US Posters Disappearing From North Korea

Reports from North Korea indicate that almost all of its anti-U.S. propaganda that had been circulating the country for years is finally disappearing. From signs to souvenirs the North Korean government had an institutionalized hatred towards the United States. One of the only benefits to a total dictatorship is “Country Policy” can change overnight. This […]

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