• February 25, 2020

Mexico Deal An Oasis For Car Industry

In the wake of yesterday’s news about the new agreement with Mexico car manufacturer’s stock is on the rise. Not only did American companies GM, Fiat Chrysler, and Ford all see around a 3% increase in stock value. Even Asian companies like Toyota pounced on the opportunity to make deals. Although this is good news […]

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Deal With Mexico Over New NAFTA Announced

News coming from Washington D.C. today indicates that a new agreement has been reached between the U.S. and Mexico. On a rewrite to the existing NAFTA, (North American Free Trade Agreement), deal. That contemplates a flow of goods on both sides of the border that bring jobs and money to both countries. It’s said that […]

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Can Canada Be Left Out Of NAFTA?

International trade deals have been the talk of the town on the global stage for some time now. On the local front, the U.S. has been locked in tense negotiations with its neighbors over the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). President Trump has stated since his campaign days that he intended to negotiate many […]

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Mexico Holding Elections This Sunday: Why We Should Care

This Sunday Mexico will be holding multiple elections including a general election where the top job itself is up for grabs. This may not seem like something that could affect a lot of Americans, but it just might. The frontrunner for the presidency is Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who the polls predict is ahead by […]

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President Trump Believes NAFTA Deal May Be Close

NAFTA has been a trade deal that has been a part of the Trump Administration’s agenda since day one. The negotiations have been tense and the information from each camp varies from week to week. Just last week we were looking at a scenario where NAFTA was on its last legs. Today it seems that […]

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