• February 25, 2020

Obama-Era Conspiracy To Topple Trump

New developments in the Mueller Russia probe indicate there may have been more than met the eye from the beginning! Issues involving former Trump friend David Pecker, and even the possibility of an Obama led conspiracy! David Pecker is the publisher for The Enquirer and also a friend of President Trump. He now has been […]

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Obama Back From Vacations and Ready For Midterms

Former President Barack Obama is back in the political spotlight. Today on Twitter he announced his endorsement of around 80 democrat candidates in the upcoming election. Once again he is stepping into an active political role post-term. He recently said in a statement,   “I’m confident that, together, they’ll strengthen this country we love by […]

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Obama In Kenya Ahead of Elections

Former President Barack Obama visited Kenya, the land of his father, where he is considered a folklore hero. During the trip, he visited his ancestors’ hometown where everyone was claiming to somehow be related. As he put it himself “It is a joy to be with so many people who are family to me and […]

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Obama Hanging Democrats Out To Dry “Stop Moping Around”

In a rare appearance since he left office in December of 2016 former President Barack Obama spoke at a Democrat fundraiser in Beverly Hills. In the meeting, he even took a stab at the night’s entertainment and proceeded to tell Democrats to stop moping declaring it was a mope free zone. If the former president […]

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Obama Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tells The Truth

In the past we have been trying to clear up the fake news-media claims regarding the issues at the border. We have seen plenty of pictures that depict children sleeping in cages and other gut-wrenching situations. With anything that goes wrong in this country, the President is immediately blamed. Yet during his term, the number […]

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