• February 25, 2020

Putin Issues The President an Invitation To Moscow

More Russia news still coming in today as the Kremlin has reported that President Vladimir Putin has invited President Trump for a new U.S.-Russia summit. On this occasion though, the meeting would take place in Moscow, meaning the President would have to play fully on the road this time. As expected the news was met […]

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Russia Summit Reactions

Reactions are still pouring in over the recent summit that President Trump and President Putin held in Helsinki, Finland. Representatives from both parties have come out and criticized President Trump for his behavior at the meeting. They feel he failed to acknowledge the fact that Russia interfered in American elections. President Trump, on the other hand, […]

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Russia Summit A Homerun For Both Sides

Very positive news from Helsinki today when President Trump and President Putin met to discuss his foreign policy strategy; with great success. In the past month, President Trump has met with two countries that other U.S. presidents were afraid to even look at on the map. The meeting was very productive but intense. Nothing was […]

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President Trump Confident Ahead of Russia Summit

President Trump is in for an interesting ride on his upcoming trip to Europe. For possibly the first time in his presidency, he just might not be the main focus of the meetings. This could actually prove beneficial for the president as he would have the opportunity to have calmer discussions with many world leaders […]

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Trump-Putin Summit Set in Finland

As we reported yesterday the White House made the official announcement that President Trump and President Putin will meet. The summit will take place on the 16th of July on neutral ground in Helsinki, Finland. The meeting will be added to Trump’s very busy agenda on his upcoming trip overseas in which he will attend […]

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Trump-Putin Summit In The Works

With the Russia scandal now in his rearview mirror, President Trump now has his eyes set on another historic summit. He is now looking to connect with Vladimir Putin, Russia’s longtime leader and someone President Trump has generally spoken very well of as a natural-born leader of his nation. Today, White House national security adviser […]

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