• February 25, 2020

Tax Cut 2.0 Ready To Go

The Trump administration is buttoning up a new tax reform bill that has been dubbed Tax Cut 2.0 by the media. The move comes at a perfect time for the administration. It is headed into midterm elections and putting more money back into the people’s pocket could be a deciding factor. The idea the administration […]

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U.S. Trade Deficit With China in Record Numbers

As was expected, the U.S. trade deficit with China hit record numbers. It would seem companies decided to stock up on Chinese products before the tariffs kicked in; a logical move. What does the future bring though now that the trade war is upon us? In China, experts are saying that they expect the numbers […]

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Unions Taking A Big Blow In Supreme Court Loss

The Supreme Court finished up its deliberation today with one of the most anticipated cases for many American workers. In the Janus v American Federation case the court ruled in favor of Janus with a vote of 5-4. Unanimous victories have been hard to come by. Things are starting to sound like the World Cup! […]

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USA vs China Trade War Update

The Chinese Government has announced a counter tariff on U.S. goods after President Trump added a 10% tariff on multiple Chinese products. The China tariff on American goods is set to affect the soybean production industry, electric cars, and an old favorite of tariff givers everywhere: whiskey. The latter having tariffs imposed now by almost […]

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Democrats Want Tax Payer Funded Dorms

Congressman Bennie Thompson a Democrat Representative for Mississippi’s 2nd congressional district, introduced a bill today to allow the members of Congress to use taxpayer money for their living accommodations. According to Congressman Thompson, many of his colleagues have to sleep in their office when in Washington. The bill as it stands would allow members of […]

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