Will Manafort Seek A Deal?

New reports coming after the Paul Manafort sentencing claim that his defense team met with the Mueller team. Apparently trying to reach some sort of deal to cut time off his sentence. Many believe the reason that the Mueller team targeted Manafort in the first place was to get him to flip. The problem for Mueller is that if Manafort flips what else is going to come out. Let’s take a deeper look at how complex Manafort’s situation is. He currently was found guilty on 8 counts. He still has a trial pending in Washington D.C. were he is facing another 7 charges. It’s highly unlikely that he will have a happy ending unless he strikes some sort of deal. Manafort has been involved with political leaders since the Ford days. He obviously could pull up some dirt on both sides if he wanted to.

Manafort Can Implicate People On Both Sides With A Deal

If Manafort flips and only pulls up some Trump dirty laundry that would be more proof of a witch hunt than anything else. Manafort would at least have to implicate the Clinton’s or the Bush’s as well. Mueller may have bitten off more than he can chew with Manafort. Everything is pointing to the fact that there is no real Russian connection from the Trump camp. As we have already promptly reported that is why the Stormy Daniels storyline seems to be grabbing the front pages now! With the great Trump win in NAFTA this week we will see where the liberal media agenda is headed! As they will probably look to block that good story with some bogus attack. If they leave Manafort away from the front page it most likely means that the Witch Hunt ran dry on that trail. It’s only a matter of time before we find out what really happened.

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